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So I was doing my 3 A.M. bouncing around of livejournal and various other intrawebsicles, and I came across this! =D
[After figuring out how to spell cicierega D:]
Which makes me happy. duh. Emmy.
[I also had to figure out whether it was Emmy or Emmie. Real brainpower going on here]
Because it makes me happy when people who are deserving of fanclubs have one!

So of course I joined because I'm one of the many peeps who adore her talents, and looked at some of the old posts, and such. But I also noticed that there hasn't been a post here in like 4 weeks.
Hence the thing next to the link to the community that says: (Last Updated 4 Weeks Ago) And that is where the gasp came from! So here is my debut post, well-deserved EMMY ROXORZ, and hey everybody! Maybe I can spark some more posts and such, so we can all keep the love a'flowing.

And like, let's have a crazy dance party with Emmy sitting on top of the disco ball. It's the least we can do! 
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