harpsikitty (harpsikitty) wrote in emmy_fanclub,

Emmy Cicierega

I cannot wait until Emmy can show the world just how awesome she truly is. I mean, she has shown us, but how many people would pay a large amount of money in their perspective to go to an Emmy movie? I seriously would. (the whole in their perspective thing is because everyone has a different view about what a large amount of money to spend is: for example, a broke high school girl like me has a different idea than a mom with a good job and a supportive family with plenty in the bank etc.)

OMG I'm rambling lol sorry. The awesomeness of Emmy needs to be acknowledged worldwide... I know for one that whenever I see some of her art, it touches me. Her spunky comments in paint chats make me smile, her cute "cutesy girl art" is ADORABLE (ok,ok, monotonous I get it) and her characters are so deep and you want to get to know them.

Anyone who is close to Emmy is very lucky. I wish I had known her for longer, or made the effort to say something to her before this week. It's not some stalker "omgomgomg i luv emmy i hav b33n l00king at her p0wnful art for years and years lol lollollol.... no way. I just really admire her and have for a while, not a long while but still a while nonetheless.

I truly hope all of her dreams come true

I only wish there was something I could do to help her.
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