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Why I Joined This Community:

I think Emmy's artwork is the most beautifully creative I've ever seen.  Her characters are cute and her landscapes are amazing.  She's really funny, too.  I mean, in the good way.  Like her humor makes me laugh out loud.  And...she likes a lot of the same things I do like Avatar, the Little Mermaid, Miyazaki's movies, Harry Potter, etc.  Yeah, her brother is cool, and I think he's amazing, but I like Emmy separately as an individual.  She's not just Neil's sister, she's EMMY.  She's inspired me to expand my view on art.  I'm trying all kinds of new art techniques and mediums because I want to be a good artist like her.  Not as in copying her style, but having same quality art with my own style.  Speaking of style, I love her fasion sense as well.  I wish I could meet Emmy and Neil some time before I'm a geezer.

Wellll...I think that's a good enough reason to join, don't you?  Wow, that sounded so fanatical.  Not a fanatic, but I did mean everything I said.

So yay for me, the newest member.

<3 Care

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